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The profitability of many clubs, pubs and casinos is influenced by these unglamorous, taken-for-granted objects…..the poker machine chairs on your gaming floor! Arguably the most important question to ask when you are about to purchase new chairs for your club, pub or casino is, “how do I choose the right poker machine, or pokie stools for my venue?”

Your budget obviously plays a major role, but other factors include comfort, durability and the aesthetic design of the stools. Karo has been manufacturing high quality office and poker machine chairs since 1986. We sell a broad spectrum of stools to gaming venues across the globe. Because slot stools can potentially impact on the profitability of your venue, we want to ensure they meet your requirements and keep your patrons comfortable. 6 factors to considers before buying new gaming stools.

Karo casino chairs for poker machines and table games

Do poker machine chairs really matter in clubs and casinos?

YES they DO!

“To a large degree the fortunes of gaming establishments, from the smallest neighborhood pub or hotel, to the largest club or casino, literally sit on this item.”  Thomas Moore, The Las Vegas Sun

Thomas is of course referring to the unassuming gaming stool – affirming that, indeed, poker machine chairs are crucial! Despite their unpretentious appearance, these chairs profoundly influence patron comfort and, consequently, your venue’s profitability.

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The COMFORT of poker machine chairs is paramount

The initial point of contact for a player with any poker machine game is the chair, not the control panel, machine aesthetics, or flashy lights. Hence, chair comfort is paramount. The importance stems from the direct correlation between improved chair comfort and the length of a patron’s stay. When patrons are comfortable, they are inclined to prolong their time in the gaming room. This extended engagement not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also carries the potential to boost the profitability of the gaming venue. The decision to invest in chairs that prioritise comfort goes beyond satisfying patrons; it transforms into a strategic move aimed at enhancing the overall financial performance of the gaming venue.

In a poker machine room, chairs with easy mobility and spacious, comfortable seats generally resonate well with patrons. Our moulded foam technology guarantees superior comfort, while the 2013 introduction of our Ezi-Glide Disc Base improves the manoeuverability of the chairs, allowing them to ‘glide’ almost effortlessly across your gaming room floor. Opting for leather upholstery in our VIP ranges enhances durability and luxury, a distinction from standard vinyl. The choice between Leather vs Vinyl Upholstery for poker machine chairs is crucial. Drawing from our extensive experience in crafting ergonomic office chairs, we design gaming chairs with a deep understanding of what actually happens when you sit.

“The decision to invest in chairs that prioritise comfort goes beyond satisfying patrons; it transforms into a strategic move aimed at enhancing the overall financial performance of the gaming venue.”

Orion Casino Gaming chairs for table games and for use at a poker machine
Orion Range of poker machine chairs

Moulded foam technology

The seat foam plays a significant role in creating a comfortable stool. When we design our poker machine chairs, the seat foam is initially hand-sculpted to create the perfect shape. Once the shape has been tested and proven to be ergonomically correct, we develop the tooling for the moulded foam seat. Moulded foam has long been recognised by ergonomic experts as being able to deliver the best support and cushioning for anyone that sits for an extended period of time.


We are not a retailer of another manufacturer’s products. At Karo, we manufacture all our poker machine chairs in-house and sell them directly to you. Eliminating the middle-man guarantees you the most competitive price. What factors influence the price of poker machine chairs?

Upholstery of Casino Chairs

Our gaming stools can be upholstered in either fabric, vinyl or leather. The variety of options is simply huge. At the top-end of the scale is leather upholstery, which is both luxurious and extremely durable. As a standard, we now upholster the black seats of our VIP ranges in genuine Italian leather, and not vinyl. If you prefer vinyl or fabric, we can of course upholster your seats in the material of your choice! Upholstery options for Karo casino chairs.

Design Innovation for Poker Machine Chairs

To keep ahead of the competition, we constantly develop new and innovative components and products. For example:

    • Our pedestal base pokie stools are assembled using a unique ‘taper-lock’ system. Because they are not welded, the chairs will never wobble or accidentally separate. This distinctive feature allows us to pack the chairs in a highly compact manner to reduce freight costs. On-site assembly is quick and can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds without the need of any tools.
    • The Quick-Release seats on our poker machine chairs enable you to exchange a soiled or damaged seat cushion within minutes right on the gaming floor. The damaged cushion can then be cleaned or repaired without any significant stool down-time or impact on your gaming revenue.
    • Our glue-free upholstery process means that the re-upholstery of your gaming chairs is simpler, cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Customise your poker machine chairs

We offer many options and finishes so you can customise your chairs to suit your gaming environment. For example:

Freight and delivery lead times for casino chairs

Our quotes always include all freight costs to deliver the chairs directly to your venue. What is the cost of freight for our gaming stools? The delivery lead time for our poker machine chairs depends on whether they are custom-made or express products.

lead time for casino and poker machine chairs
Gaming stools and Casino Chairs – Delivery lead time

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