PVC Edge Protection for Casino Chairs

PVC Edge protection is available on most of our gaming stool backrests and seats. This edging protects the upholstery and reduces soiling of the backrest and seat material. The plastic protective edge is specially extruded for our products and cannot easily be removed. It therefore also serves as a convenient ‘handle’ or ‘grip’ to move the chair.

At Karo, we design our gaming stools with serviceability and durability in mind. All our poker machine stools are designed and manufactured at out factory in South Africa. In any gaming room where the casino chairs are close together, they can (and do!) knock against each other, a privacy screen or even the slot machine itself. By adding a PVC edge on the backrest and seat, the upholstery is protected from accidental damage. This improves the durability of our stools.

pegasus gaming stool casino chair with a PVC edge on the backrest and seat

Although many of our gaming stools are pictured with a PVC edge on the backrest, they are also available without this edging.

Standard PVC Protective Edge colours are: Black, Gold and Silver.

Other colours are available depending on order quantity.

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