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Karo pokie stools for gaming machines and table games

The profitability of most clubs, pubs and casinos rests on one rather unglamorous, taken-for-granted object. Poker machine stools. One of the questions you ask when you are about to purchase new chairs for your club, pub or casino is, “how do I choose the right poker machine, or pokie stools, for my venue?” Naturally your budget plays a major role, but other factors include comfort, durability and the aesthetic design of the stools. At Karo, we have been manufacturing high quality office and poker machine stools since 1986. We offer a broad spectrum of pokie stools for sale to gaming venues across the globe. We know that gaming stools can have a profound impact on the profitability of your venue, so we want to ensure that they meet your requirements and keep your patrons comfortable.

Yes, pokie stools DO matter!

As Thomas Moore from The Las Vegas Sun writes:

“To a large degree the fortunes of gaming establishments, from the smallest neighborhood pub or hotel, to the largest club or casino, literally sit on this item.”

Thomas is of course referring to the rather humble poker machine stool.

Comfort is critical

A player’s first interaction with any game is the chair. Not the control panel, look of the machine, flashing lights or anything else. It’s the chair, and that’s why Comfort is Critical.

Patrons sitting on an uncomfortable chair will soon move to another venue where the pokie stools are comfortable. A more comfortable stool may increase the length of time a patron spends in your venue, and this will invariably improve your profitability. How to improve the comfort of your gaming stools.

The comfort of any poker machine stool is largely determined by the quality and design of it’s SEAT FOAM.

Monte Carlo poker machine stools
Monte Carlo range

To improve the comfort of our products, we draw on our vast experience in manufacturing ergonomic office chairs. By understanding what actually happens when you sit, we are able to design our products with human physiology in mind. The poker machine stools that we have for sale, are built to last. Our objective is to build chairs that:

  • Offer superior comfort to your patrons to improve their gaming experience.
  • Are extremely durable.
  • Reduce your maintenance costs.
  • Provide the best possible return on investment.

Moulded foam technology

The seat foam plays a significant role in creating a comfortable stool. When we design our chairs, the seat foam is first hand-sculpted to create the perfect shape. Once the shape is ergonomically correct, we develop the tooling for the moulded foam seat. Moulded foam has long been recognised as being able to deliver the best support and cushioning for anyone who sits for an extended period of time.

Wholesaler, not Retailer of Poker Machine Stools

We are not a retailer of another manufacturer’s products. At Karo, we manufacture all our poker machine stools in-house, which we then offer for sale directly to you. Without a middle-man, we ensure that you receive the most competitive prices. What factors influence the price of casino chairs?

Poker machine stool manufacture at Karo

Upholstery of Pokie Stools

Our gaming stools can be upholstered in either fabric, vinyl or leather. The variety of options is simply huge. Upholstery options for Karo poker machine stools. At the top-end of the scale is leather upholstery, which is both luxurious and extremely durable. What is the difference between leather and vinyl? To improve the overall quality and durability of our poker machine stools, the seats of our standard black VIP chairs are upholstered with genuine leather, and not vinyl.

Design Innovation for Poker Machine Stools

We communicate with our partners to ensure that we include their latest components and trends in our designs. We ensure that we are constantly abreast of new research and advances in ergonomics, and, where possible, include these in our product designs.

Quick-Release seats allow you to exchange soiled or damaged seat cushions right on the gaming floor

Customise your poker machine stools

We offer many options and finishes so you can customise your chairs to suit your gaming environment. For example:

Let's furnish your gaming room!