Questions to ask before buying second hand gaming stools

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before you consider buying second hand gaming stools. Used casino chairs can certainly save you some money, but installing these stools in your gaming room may not be a great idea.

1. No warranty on second hand gaming stools

Second hand gaming stools are sold “as is”. Most warranties are only valid for the original purchaser and do not transfer to a new owner. The warranty is your protection for your investment and ensures that you have fully functioning chairs for a long time to come. Depending on the situation, this may not be a big deal. For example, if you are a small venue associated with a larger club, buying or inheriting their old chairs may be a good way to save some money.

second hand gaming stools | used casino chairs and gaming stools
Do second hand gaming stools really save you money?

Reputable manufacturers of gaming stools will offer an extended warranty on their products.

All Karo casino chairs carry a 7 year warranty.

2. Hygiene of used casino chairs

Even if the seller has made an effort to clean the chairs, their cleanliness may not be up to standard. In the post-COVID world where hygiene is crucial, patrons demand a clean environment. The upholstery fabrics used on gaming stools can be difficult to clean. The seat foam and fabric may contain dirt, sweat, food, drink, and other deposits. Are your patrons happy to sit on such a chair?

As explained by Frank Legato from Casino Style Magazine, “…and now, post-COVID, people want to be part of what’s clean. And so, we’ve started talking a lot about the ‘theater of clean.’ How are you protecting your employees, your customers?”

The popularity of vinyl and leather upholstery has increased and become the “standard” upholstery covering used on most casino chair seats. Because the backrests of the chairs are less susceptible to dirt, many are still upholstered with a fabric covering.

3. Condition of second hand gaming stools

Used casino chairs have an uncertain life. Because you may not know the history of any used stools, it starts to raise concerns about their quality and durability. How long will they last in your gaming room?

4. Repair costs

If the second hand gaming stools needs significant repairs or re-upholstery, you may end up paying more than they are worth. Typically, used casino chairs need the following repairs or replacements:

  • Swivel mechanism or Gas lifter (height adjuster).
  • Base.
  • Re-upholstery. This can be expensive and sometimes difficult to do if the chairs are fitted with a protective edge on the seat and/or backrest. Often the underlying foam also needs to be replaced because it is either worn out, unhygienic, or destroyed during the re-upholstery process. If the seat foam does need replacement and the chairs were manufactured overseas, the moulded foam may not be readily available.

5. Limited quantity

Second hand gaming stools are usually limited in both quantity and variety. Are there sufficient used chairs available from the same style to furnish your entire gaming area? Will second hand “mix and match” furniture be suitable? How will this look in your gaming room?

6. How comfortable are second hand gaming stools?

Old gaming hand stools are cheap, and because they are “worn out”, they may not be that comfortable.
As recently discussed by William Sokolic, “a more comfortable stool may increase the length of time an average patron spends in your venue, and this can improve the profitability of your gaming room.”

Comfort is King

A comfortable, but possibly more expensive casino chair,
will pay for itself.

7. The Revive option from Karo

As opposed to buying second hand or new gaming stools, we offer a Revive option. With our modular design concept, it may be possible to replace only your existing stool seat and backrest, with brand new components. This means that you keep your existing stool undercarriage (base, footring column and swivel mechanism), and only replace those parts that need replacing.

The Revive option can overcome the 6 ‘cons’ of buying used gaming stools. Because you are only replacing the seat and backrest of the chairs, the cost of the Revive option is significantly less than a completely new stool.

revive seat and backrest | casino seating | gaming stools
With Revive, you replace only the stool seat and backrest with brand new components


If cost is an issue, deciding whether or not to buy second hand gaming stools can be a tough call. You want to balance the needs of your patrons and those of the business. Yes, you will spend less money up front. However, if the chairs need repair, have a short life, or impact the comfort and wellbeing of your patrons (and therefore your revenue), this can be an expensive option. A good alternative to buying used casino chairs, is our Revive option.

Although new casino chairs are more expensive than second hand ones, the value is unmatched. This is especially so for reputable products that have a long warranty.

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