Quick-Release Seats

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Our Quick-Release seats makes it possible to quickly exchange a soiled or damaged seat cushion within minutes right on the gaming floor!

Casino chairs are subjected to high-traffic over extended periods making them susceptible to both soiling and damage. Any seat with cigarette burns, tears or drinks spillage, has a low aesthetic appeal…..after all, who really wants to sit on a dirty or damaged gaming stool? If there are numerous damaged chairs in your venue, the entire gaming room may be compromised which can result in patrons leaving the area and lost revenue. In such instances it becomes important to replace, clean or repair your damaged seats as quickly as possible.

Karo has a smart solution to this common problem….Quick-Release Seats.

By separating the seat cushion from the stool structure and then having a few spare seat cushions, the Quick-Release Seat enables you to exchange a soiled or damaged seat cushion within minutes right on the gaming floor. The damaged cushion can then be cleaned or repaired without any significant stool down-time or impact on gaming revenue! All our Quick-Release seats are manufactured using automotive-grade moulded PU foam for greater durability and player comfort.

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