Centre-Column Options for Gaming Stools

We offer a variety of options for your gaming stool centre-columns to add just a little ‘extra’ to your gaming room! Our unique component-based design facilitates greater customisation of our casino chairs.  See our product ranges.

All Centre-Columns are either Powdercoated, Chrome or Brass Plated. 

Our standard powdercoated colour is Black. Other colours such as sliver and gold are available depending upon order quantity.

Black, Chrome or Brass Centre-Column?

The black powdercoated column is the most cost effective option. Adding a chrome or brass-plated centre-column can a little ‘sparkle’ to your gaming stools and room in general. Other simple options to brighten up your venue include upholstering your casino chairs in a special material, or adding an embroidery on the outside backrest.

Because chrome plating is extremely hard and durable, our footring is supplied with a chrome plated finish as standard. Other finishes like brass plating and powdercoating are available on request.

Let's furnish your gaming room!