Upholstery options for gaming stools

Having decided to buy new stools for your gaming area, what upholstery options are available? It’s easy….simply select your preference and we will do the rest!

gaming stool and casino chair upholstery options

The upholstery of your casino chairs doesn’t have to be uniform.

The seat, inside backrest and outside backrest can easily be upholstered in different colours and materials.

Standard upholstery options for gaming stools

a. Fabric and vinyl

Our standard upholstery options are cost-effective, durable and easy to clean. Click on the links below to download the colour charts.

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Standard fabric and vinyl upholstery options for casino chairs

Alternatively, if none of our standard upholstery coverings suits your requirements, select the upholstery for your gaming machine stools from InstyleWoven ImageLaineMaterialisedWarwick or any other fabric supplier.

b. Genuine Leather

To improve the strength and durability of our casino chairs, we have upgraded the seat upholstery on all our ranges with standard black upholstery.

Although vinyl is still available, our preference is to upholster all black seats in genuine Italian leather. Because we purchase black bovine leather in bulk from our Italian supplier, the price of a gaming stool with a seat upholstered in genuine leather, is only marginally more than one with a vinyl seat. If black is not your preferred colour, other colours of leather are available – contact us for more information on colours and pricing. What is the difference between Genuine Leather, Bonded Leather and Faux Leather (vinyl)?

Note: The backrests of our gaming stools are usually upholstered in a vinyl or fabric of your choice. Upholstering the stool backrest in genuine leather is optional.

Cleaning Instructions for Gaming Stools with Vinyl or Leather Upholstery

Always clean vinyl and leather upholstery with clean water using a damp cloth to wipe away stains or spills.

Solvent-based cleaning materials should never be used, especially on vinyl as they may damage the surface causing it to crack and peel. If you prefer, use a commercially available leather cleaner. 
Vinyl & leather upholstery cleaning instructions.

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