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Superior Gaming Stools
and Casino Seating

The Best Seats In The House

“We believe that everyone has the right to sit on a comfortable chair”. Comfortable seating allows players to immerse themselves in the game and stay engaged for longer. Because we design our casino seating with ergonomics in mind, we ensure that they are comfortable, durable and stylish. By including market trends and customer feedback in our designs, we are able to create a product and service package that meets the demands of all parties.

Powered By Innovation

Karo was founded by two engineers in 1986 and we still retain our focus on designing high-quality innovative products. The revolutionary EZI-GLIDE Disc Base and Dual-Density foam are just two examples.

Our emphasis on utilising cutting-edge design software and the latest advances in moulded foamfabric cutting and ergonomics, enables us to remain at the forefront of product developments.


All our casino chairs can easily be customised to suit any gaming room décor. By using a modular design and offering a choice of bases, embroidery and upholstery, we give you the freedom to create a seat that best matches your gaming room. Our internationally certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, our experience, and our 7-year warranty gives you the confidence that every Karo chair will provide many years of cost effective service.

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