Embroidery Options for Casino Chair Backrests

Embroidery on the outside backrest of your gaming stools adds that ‘personal’ touch. Whether you are looking to add your venue name and logo, or just brand a particular gaming area, the process is simple.  Send us a hi-resolution digital image of your preferred design for a no-obligation quote!

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Embroidery for your gaming stools

In order to get the most from your embroidery design, we recommend using a contrasting plain colour fabric or vinyl on the outside of the backrest. Upholstery options for casino chairs.

The good image size is at least 200 x 200mm.

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How it works

Once we receive your preferred design, we send it to our factory in South Africa where the digital image is transferred to the embroidery machine. The cost is a function of the design complexity and stitch-density. Simpler designs are often better than more complex ones. Before we proceed with the production run, we will complete a test embroidery which will be sent to you for your final approval.

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