Swivel mechanism options for Casino Chairs

Swivel mechanisms for gaming stools are available in two formats to create either a fixed-height or gas height-adjustable stool.

Although the fixed-height stool is the more traditional option, stools fitted with gas height adjustment are becoming increasingly popular as players demand greater ergonomic comfort. How to improve the comfort of your gaming stools. Over the years, design improvements have resulted in gas lifters becoming more reliable and cost effective. Many venue operators are now insisting that their new casino chairs are fitted with gas height adjustment.

Our unique modular design allows you to select either a fixed height or gas height adjustable swivel mechanism for your gaming stools.

Fixed Height Swivel Mechanisms for Gaming Stools

A Heavy-Duty Swivel-only or Swivel-Return mechanism on your casino chair allows either a full 3600 or 1800 rotation with an automatic ‘spring-back’ feature. The latter option is ideally suited where neatness of the gaming floor, is a priority. Which is better….swivel-only or swivel-return?

Gas Height Adjustable Swivel Mechanisms

Gaming stools with swivel mechanisms and gas height adjustment have been available for many years. Unfortunately, in the early years they developed a poor reputation. This was predominantly due to the unreliability of the gas lifters when they were first fitted to casino chairs in the early 1990’s. At that time, malfunctioning and leaking gas lifters were commonplace and they were soon replaced by the more traditional non-adjustable fixed-height swivel mechanisms.

Mercury casino gaming stool for table games and slot machines

There is little doubt that gaming stools fitted with gas height swivel mechanisms are more comfortable than ones without.

It is only recently that gas lifters have regained popularity as improved designs have contributed to fewer failures and greater reliability.

A Gas Height mechanisms allow a full 3600 rotation in addition to height adjustment. Gas lifters are available in various lengths, typically providing 80 to 140mm of height adjustability. There are two broad categories of gas lifters suitable for gaming stools.

1. Standard gas lifter

This is the simplest and most popular option. Like any office chair, the standard gas lifter will allow the gaming stool to be raised and lowered. When the patron gets off the stool, it will remain at the height to which it was last adjusted. This makes it possible that the stools on the floor will all be at different height settings.

2. Swivel-return and self-raising gas lifter

This is a more complex gas lifter that not only operates as a Standard Gas Lifter swivel mechanism, but has two added features. When the user gets off the chair, the gas lifter will automatically extend to it’s maximum height while simultaneously rotating to a neutral position. In other words, when the stools are not in use, they will all be set to the same height. This improves the neatness of the gaming floor.

A word of caution: Because self-raising gas lifters automatically extend to their maximum height, elderly, frail and shorter patrons may experience difficulty getting onto these stools. In such instances, a standard gas lifter is a better option because a gaming attendant, or other venue employee, can easily lower the stool height, thereby enabling the patron to get onto the stool.

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