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Karo is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high quality casino chairs. All our seating carries a 7 year commercial warranty (T&C’s apply).Monte Carlo | casino chair | gaming stools | Karo

It is generally accepted that casino seating is a significant investment and it is therefore essential that it satisfies the requirements of both the venue operator and the patrons. For the venue operator, a reliable product and service package is a priority. The patrons, on the other hand, demand a clean, easy to use, and comfortable chair.

For the highly demanding casino environment, we have developed a range of seating that offers greater comfort and durability. We have incorporated flexibility into our designs that allows you to customise the chairs to best suit your interior décor. Furthermore, with smart design concepts like our Quick-Release seats and Revive Program, we ensure that the overall cost of ownership is reduced.

Why choose Karo for your Casino Seating?

We design smarter products to reduce the lifetime cost of our chairs. For example, our taper-lock design allows our stools to be easily converted from one height to another at a fraction of the cost of a new stool. When a venue changes the height of their machine bases, the gaming stools usually end up at the incorrect height. To rectify this, you either have to replace the stools or undergo a costly conversion of the existing ones. With our design, the chairs can easily be converted from one height to another by replacing just a few components. Bottom line….this saves you both time and money.

With over 34 years in the game we ensure that all of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard and in accordance with our internationally certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our integrated approach to quality allows us to offer a 7 year warranty on all our casino seating and gaming stools.

We have sold our products to gaming venues around the world and are proudly associated with some of the biggest clubs and casinos. Our chairs can be found in gaming venues located in Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

Manufacturer vs Re-seller

We are a manufacturer of casino chairs and not a re-seller of other peoples products. All our chairs are made in South Africa and we sell them directly to you, our customer. This means that you receive the most competitive prices and should you have any product or service related questions regarding our products, you can contact us directly. What do our casino chairs cost?

Glue-Free Upholstery & Sustainability

When the upholstery material is glued to the underlying foam and you need to re-upholster the stools, the foam is normally destroyed while removing the old upholstery covering. Not only does this add to the cost of re-upholstery, but it may also compromise the comfort of the chair if replacement foam is not readily available. All Karo casino seating is manufactured using ‘glue-free upholstery’. Not only does this prevent damage to the foam and allow for more cost-effective re-upholstery, but it also saves the environment. We take our social responsibility seriously and we constantly develop new processes and systems to reduce our impact on the environment.

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