6 Things to considers before buying new gaming stools

questions to ask when buying gaming stools

Buying new casino seating is often a huge capital expense, so you want to make sure you ‘get it right’!
So….What things do you need to consider before buying new gaming stools? 

Here are the 6 important factors:

  1. Manoeuvrability

    In order to withstand the rigours typically associated with any gaming area, gaming or pokie stools need to be extremely sturdy which frequently results in a heavy product (15-20kg). Heavy gaming stools are usually difficult to move, which may result in OH&S concerns for both your staff and your patrons. The type of stool base can have a huge impact on the manoeuvrability of the stool. Stools with traditional steel disc bases are often difficult to move, while modern bases like our EZI-GLIDE disc base enable the stool to ‘glide’ almost effortlessly over any floor surface. To further improve manoeuvrability, having a handle on the backrest of the stools makes it easier for both staff and patrons to move the chairs. Which casino chair base is best?

  2. Warranty

    A gaming room is a tough environment and you want your new stools to last. A manufacturer that offers a warranty longer than 5 years is more likely to ‘put his money where his mouth is’ and back his product. Read the fine-print as some manufacturers have warranties that exclude all but the most basic components.

  3. Seat foam

    The seat is the ‘heart’ of any chair and the foam plays a significant role in creating a comfortable stool. Moulded foam seat should be a ‘must have’ item. Like a car seat, moulded foam has long been recognised by ergonomic experts as being able to deliver the best support and cushioning for any person that sits for a long period of time. Furthermore, moulded foam is far more durable than any other foam and will ensure your stools last for a longer time.

  4. Back support

    Chairs with good back support, particularly in the lumbar area, will ensure that your patrons are comfortable. A high backrest is not always the most comfortable, so check for proper lumbar support.orion casino seating | gaming stools | karo

  5. Stool height

    Ergonomics is an important consideration in any gaming area, and the height of the stool plays a crucial role. If the stool is too high, players must slouch or droop their shoulders to reach the console which can result in muscular pain in the shoulders and neck. Conversely, a stool that is too low will result in players having to ‘reach up’ which leads to muscular strain in the upper back and neck. If your machine bases are at various heights, a simple way of improving the ergonomic setup at the machine is to have stools with gas height adjustment.

  6. Proven supplier

    With so many things to consider before buying new gaming stools, look for a recognised and experienced manufacturer that has been in the industry for a long time and ‘knows his stuff’. Buying a cheap product from an unknown source can prove to be expensive in the medium-term. How to choose the best slot machine stools.

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