5 benefits of casino chairs with gas height adjustment


“Any gaming stool fitted with gas height adjustment is more comfortable than one without. A comfortable player is better able to interact with the game and may be engaged for longer”.

Gas height adjustment for casino chairs has been available for many years. Unfortunately, they have somewhat of a poor reputation, predominantly due to the unreliability of gas lifters when they were first fitted to gaming stools in the early 1990’s. At that time, malfunctioning and leaking gas lifters were commonplace, and they were soon replaced by the more traditional non-adjustable fixed-height swivel mechanisms. The Case for Height Adjustable Gaming Stools

While they are now far more reliable than their predecessors, it is unfortunate that many gaming venue operators still regard casino chairs with gas height adjustment as a ‘nuisance’ that results in both an untidy room, and additional stool maintenance.

In today’s world, the comfort and safety of patrons is paramount and there is no doubt that chairs with gas height adjustment provide greater ergonomic comfort.

5 Benefits of gaming stools with gas height adjustment

  • Superior ergonomic comfort.
    Allowing the players to self-adjust the height of the chairs improves the ergonomic setup which can reduce muscle strain in the back, neck and shoulders. Not only is this extremely important for the overall comfort of the players, but it also benefits their long-term health and wellbeing. How to reduce back pain – Spine Health. Comfortable players are better able to interact with the game and may be engaged for longer.
  • Improved health and safety.
    The inherent damping effect of a gas lifter ‘cushions’ the impact when initially sitting on the stool which can prevent injuries to the lower back and coccyx. How to improve the comfort of your gaming stools.
  • Reliable.
    Modern gas lifters are extremely reliable, and you can expect them to last in excess of 5 years. In fact, we have seen casino chairs more than 10 years old where the gas height adjustment mechanism still functions perfectly.
  • Simple on-site replacement.
    Should a gas lifter fail, they are inexpensive and quick to replace on-site.
  • Safe and easy to operate.

Types of gas height adjustment

There are two types of gas lifters for gaming stools, namely swivel-only and swivel-return. The former is more common and also less expensive.

1. Swivel-only

The swivel-only gas height adjuster functions exactly like those found on office chairs. The gas lifter can be set at any height within its range and will allow the stool to rotate through a full 3600. Patrons can easily adjust the height by using the actuating lever under the seat. When they get off the chair, it will remain at the last height setting. This means that at any one time, all the stools in your gaming area could be set at a different height.

orion casino gaming stool with gas height adjustment
Orion gaming stool with gas height adjustment

What is more important – comfortable patrons, or a neat gaming floor with all the stools at the same height?

2. Swivel-return

Casino chairs fitted with swivel-return gas height adjustment will also rotate through a full 3600. In addition to returning to a neutral position when the player gets off the stool, the gas lifter will extend to its maximum height. This ensures that when they are not in use, all the stools in your gaming room will be at the same height. Although this improves the aesthetics of the gaming room, it should be noted that a gaming stool that is automatically set at its maximum height may make it difficult for a shorter or elderly patron to get onto the stool.

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