5 Benefits of Gas Height Adjustment

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Gas height adjustment for gaming stools has been available for many years. Unfortunately they have somewhat of a poor reputation, predominantly due to the unreliability of the gas lifters when they were first fitted to casino chairs in the early 1990’s. At that time, malfunctioning and leaking gas lifters were commonplace and they were soon replaced by the more traditional non-adjustable fixed-height swivel mechanisms.

While there is little doubt that any stool or chair fitted with gas height adjustment is more comfortable than one without, it is only in the last few years that gas lifters have regained popularity as improved designs have contributed to fewer failures and greater reliability. There are different types of gas lifters available for gaming stools.

5 Benefits of gaming stools with gas height adjustment:

  •  1.   Safe and easy to operate.
     2.  Vastly improved comfort and ergonomics.
    Allowing the players to self-adjust the height of the chairs, enables them to better interact with the machine and also reduces muscle strain in the back, neck and shoulders caused by sitting at the incorrect height. For a greater understanding of what happens to your body when you sit, click here.
    The inherent damping effect of a gas lifter ‘cushions’ the impact when initially sitting on the stool which can prevent injuries to the lower back and/or coccyx.
    3.  Extremely Reliable. Modern gas lifters from reputable manufacturers are extremely reliable.
    4.  Gas height adjustable stools can be used for both slant-top and standard height gaming machines.
    5.  Easy on-site replacement.

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