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Perhaps the first question you ask when you are about to purchase new chairs for your club, pub or casino is, “how do I choose the best slot machine stools for my venue?” Naturally your budget plays a huge role, but other factors include the style of base you prefer, the overall finish, and the chair’s upholstery. Established in 1986, Karo is a specialist manufacturer of high quality office chairs and casino slot machine stools.

We offer a broad spectrum of chairs that we sell to gaming venues across the globe. Because slot stools have such a profound impact on the comfort of your patrons, we want to ensure they meet your requirements and keep your patrons comfortable.

Karo is not a wholesaler of imported products. We manufacture all our table and slot machine gaming chairs in-house and we sell our products directly to you. By eliminating the middle-man, we ensure that you receive the most competitive prices on all our gaming stools. What factors influence the price of casino chairs?

Slot machine stool manufacturing process at Karo

When it comes to slot machine chairs, Comfort is King

A player’s first interaction with any slot game in your venue is the chair. Not the button panel, look of the machine, or anything else. It’s the chair. That’s why Comfort is King.

As Dave Bontempo from Global Gaming Business Magazine put it:

“An operator may survive with a standard hotel room or restaurant menu for gamblers who simply want action, but a substandard seat may be costly. An uncomfortable patron often stops gambling, and may leave the property. Players want bells, whistles and foam. Seating is an intangible domain. It can’t be linked to specified levels of play, yet it holds a unique role in the action. Gaming establishments have become more attuned to their chairmen, and chairwomen of the board”.

The bottom line is simple…player comfort is critical. A patron that is uncomfortable or has a sore back, will soon move to another venue where they are comfortable. A more comfortable stool may increase the length of time a patron spends in your venue, and this can improve the profitability of your gaming room.

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Casino slot seating

Comfort is King

A comfortable casino slot machine chair will pay for itself.

To improve the comfort of our products, we draw on our experience in manufacturing ergonomic office chairs. By understanding what happens to your body when you sit, we have been able to develop a range of casino slot machine stools that are built to last. Our objective is to sell chairs that:

  • Offer greater comfort to patrons and improve their gaming experience.
  • Are extremely durable.
  • Reduce the venue’s operational maintenance costs.
  • Provides the best possible return on investment.

A slot chair that is easy to move in front of the machine, has a comfortable seat and ergonomic backrest, will be a ‘winner’ in any gaming room. Our design experience, knowledge of chair ergonomics, and moulded foam technology, enables us to manufacture chairs that provide exceptional comfort.

Upholstery of Casino Stools

The slot machine chairs that we offer for sale can be upholstered in either fabric, vinyl or leather. The variety of options is simply huge. At the top-end of the scale is leather upholstery, which is both luxurious and extremely durable. Upholstery options for Karo casino chairs.

Design Innovation for Slot Machine Stools

We constantly develop new and innovative components, products and manufacturing methods. For example

  • Our pedestal base slot machine stools are assembled using a ‘taper-lock’ system that eliminates welding. This results in chairs that will never wobble or accidentally separate. This unique feature also allows us to pack the chairs in a compact manner to reduce freight costs.
  • Our Quick-Release seats enable you to exchange soiled or damaged seat cushions within minutes right on the gaming floor. The damaged cushions can then be cleaned or repaired without any significant stool down-time or impact on your gaming revenue.
  • Our glue-free upholstery manufacturing process means that the re-upholstery of your slot chairs is simpler, cheaper and environmentally friendly.
  • To improve the manoeuverability of our casino seating, in 2013 we developed our Ezi-Glide Disc Base. The result is a base that allows the stools to move effortlessly over any type of floor surface.

Quick-Release seats allow you to exchange soiled or damaged seat cushions right on the gaming floor

Customisation options

We offer many options and finishes so you can customise your slot machine stools to suit your gaming environment. For example:

Bases for casino chairs

There are 3 types of base that are suitable for slot machine chairs, namely disc, 4-legged or 5-star. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages so it’s important that you understand what is right for your venue and of course, your patrons…see a detailed comparison of casino chair bases.

Checklist for buying new casino chairs

With so many slot machine chairs available for sale, purchasing new stools can be confusing. We have developed a simple checklist that allows you to quickly evaluate different suppliers and their products, and so determine which one is best for you.

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