5 Factors that influence the cost of casino chairs

cost of casino chairs

The most common question we are asked is “how much do gaming stools or casino chairs cost?”

The usual answer to this question is……“well it depends”. This is of course not a proper answer…..you need a dollar amount! To give you a better indication of what “it depends” means, here are the 5 important factors that influence the cost of gaming stools:

1.  The Base

There are 3 standard base options available for gaming stools, viz. Disc Base, 4-Legged and 5-Star. Disc bases are generally the most expensive and our Ezi-Glide base is our premium offering. The 5-star bases are less expensive with the 5-star black nylon base being the least expensive option.

bases for casing chairs and gaming stools

Base options include:

  • Ezi-Glide Disc Base
  • 4-Legged
  • Polished aluminium 5-Star
  • Black nylon 5-Star

2.  The Upholstery

There are 3 general types of upholstery and they have a huge impact on the overall cost of the stools, viz. fabric, vinyl and leather.

Fabric and vinyl range in price from roughly $20 to well over $150 per linear meter, while leather typically costs over $200 per square meter. The quantity of plain fabric or vinyl we require to upholster our casino chairs depends upon the range, and can vary from 0.8 to 2.0 linear meters. If you are using a patterned fabric with a repeat pattern that must be matched on each stool, the required quantity can increase dramatically. For example, a chair that requires 1.2m of plain fabric, could require 1.8 or 2 meters of fabric with a repeat pattern.

Leather upholstery is both luxurious and extremely durable, but it comes at a price. The cost of leather upholstery is determined by the following:

  • The actual cost of the leather, which in turn depends on the grade and type of hide.
  • The additional labour required to cut, stitch and upholster the leather. When we cut fabric or vinyl, we use an automated fabric cutter to accurately cut each upholstery panel. However, this isn’t possible with leather because every animal hide is a different shape and size, and it may also contain unsightly blemishes. This means that the various upholstery panels must be manually laid out on each hide to exclude any blemishes, before being press-cut.
    Depending upon the quality and thickness of the leather, the actual sewing and upholstery process can be more time consuming which again, adds to the cost.
  • The quantity of leather required to upholster a gaming stool varies from 1.6 to roughly 4 square meters.
    Leather vs Vinyl…read more.

3.  The type of Swivel Mechanism

Gaming stool swivel mechanisms are available in two basic formats, viz. fixed-height or gas height-adjustable swivels. The fixed height swivel with a full 360 degree rotation is the most common option. Swivels with an auto-return function or gas height adjustment are slightly more expensive, typically adding between $10 and $30 per stool.

swivel mechanism for casino chair | gaming stool | Karo
Standard swivel mechanism with full 360 degree rotation.

4.  The Centre-Column Finish

The fourth “cost influencer” is the finish of the centre-column, which can be powdercoated, chrome or brass plated. A powdercoated finish is the basic option followed by chrome and brass plating which can add between $10 and $30 to the cost of a chair.

centre-column options | casino seating | gaming stools | Karo
Chrome plated centre column.

5.  Freight Costs

The majority of casino chairs available in Australia are manufactured overseas, predominantly in China. Freight costs from the factory to Australia can add a significant amount to the overall cost of each gaming stool. All Karo casino chairs are designed and manufactured in our South African factory and are then sent via sea freight to Sydney.

The Prices on our Website

The indicative prices shown on our website include all standard options on our stools, i.e. a 5-star black nylon base, vinyl upholstery, a 360 degree swivel mechanism, and a black powdercoated finish. Contact us for more specific information. Please note that all prices exclude any bulk discounts.

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