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What are the freight costs for casino chairs? All Karo casino chairs are manufactured by our parent company located in South Africa. Transporting the finished chairs from our factory to your gaming venue consists of 4 stages:

1. Container loading at the factory

All our gaming stools are individually packed in boxes on pallets, typically 8-12 chairs per pallet. The pallets are stretch-wrapped with plastic before being loaded into a container. A 40′ container will hold 20 pallets which equates to 160-240 complete chairs.

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2. Sea freight to Sydney

The packed container is fumigated in accordance with AQIS and sealed before being transported to Durban where it is loaded onto a ship. Because there are no direct shipping routes from South Africa to Australia, the container must be trans-shipped on-route. Typically the vessel departing from Durban will head to a major port like Singapore, where the container will be un-loaded and re-loaded onto a second ship. This second ship will then sail directly to Sydney.

3. Road freight from Port Botany (Sydney) to our warehouse in Castle Hill

On arrival in Sydney, the goods must be cleared through Australian Customs before the container is transported from Port Botany to our warehouse in Castle Hill for unloading. The chairs are now classified as landed” in Australia.

The prices that we quote to you are always ‘landed’ prices that include all the costs incurred to deliver the chairs into our Castle Hill warehouse.

4. Road freight from our warehouse to your gaming venue

The only additional freight cost that may apply is the final road freight charge from our Castle Hill warehouse to your gaming venue. For local Sydney venues, the road freight is ‘free-of-charge’, and for all other locations, road freight is charged at cost.

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