Gaming stools and Casino Chairs – Delivery lead time

lead time for casino and poker machine chairs

If you are about to place an order for new gaming stools, the delivery lead time from the manufacturer can play an important part in your decision making. So, if you are in Australia, how long will you have to wait before you receive your order from Karo?

The answer to this question is not that straight forward and depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Does the upholstery on the gaming stools have to match your interior décor, or can they be ‘colour-neutral’, for example black?
  • If special upholstery is required (fabric, vinyl or leather), is it readily available?
  • How many gaming stools do you require?
  • Do you require casino chairs on a pedestal or 4-legged base?
  • Are your gaming stools at a special (non-standard) height?
  • How urgently do you need the stools? For example, if the chairs are for a new gaming venue that is about to open, then the urgency is greater than what is normally the case for an existing venue where the stools are in their replacement cycle.

The answers to the above questions will determine whether the stools are custom-made or express (ex-stock) products.

1. Lead time for Custom-Made Gaming Stools

The delivery lead time for all custom-made gaming stools is approximately 12-16 weeks*. This includes all chair orders that have:

  • Special upholstery requirements (fabric, vinyl or leather), and/or embroidery.
  • A 4-legged base. The unique height requirements of all 4-legged chairs means they must be custom-made.
  • Larger order quantities.

All Karo casino chairs are manufactured by our parent company located in South Africa. The first step in the manufacturing process is ensuring that the components, and specifically the upholstery material, is available.

If you have selected a special fabric, vinyl or leather to upholster your stools, the supplier of this material will have their own lead time which can result in an extension of our manufacturing lead time. In most cases however, the upholstery material is readily available and so doesn’t affect our standard lead time. 

The upholstery material is critical. Even if we have all other components available, we cannot start manufacturing your stools until the upholstery material has been delivered to our factory.

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Upholstery options for gaming stools

What factors contribute to this lead time?

Below is a breakdown of the elements that contribute to the lead time for all our custom-made gaming stools, as well as an approximation of the time involved.

DescriptionApproximate time (weeks)
Manufacture casino chairs and pack goods into a shipping container/s.4
Road freight container/s from our Johannesburg factory to Durban and load onto ship #1.1
* Sea freight from Durban to the trans-shipment port (usually Singapore or Port Louis). Note: There is no direct shipping route from South Africa to Australia so all goods must be trans-shipped.3 *
Unload container/s from ship #1 and re-load onto ship #2 in trans-shipment port.1
Sea freight from trans-shipment port to Sydney2
Customs clearing & delivery of container/s to Karo warehouse in Castle Hill.1
Delivery lead time components

* Since the advent of COVID-19, international sea freight is facing significant delays and shipping lead times have become extremely variable and unreliable. Contact us for more information.

2. Lead time for Express Gaming Stools

The delivery lead time for all Express gaming stools is 3-5 days**.

In order to improve our service to you, we hold stock of a variety of casino chairs that are available for immediate delivery to your venue. All Express stools are upholstered with our standard black vinyl on the backrest, and either vinyl or genuine black leather on the seats. What is the difference between genuine leather and vinyl?

Express chairs are available on all bases except our 4-legged base.

** We will make every effort to ensure all Express Products are constantly available. However, the unpredictable nature of customer sales may result in short-term stock-outs. Should this be the case, rest assured additional stock is on-route and will soon be available! Contact us for more information.

Freight costs for casino chairs

Our quotes always include all freight costs to deliver the chairs directly to your venue. What is the cost of freight for our gaming stools?

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