Why Automated Fabric Cutting improves the quality of our products

automated fabric cutting for casino seating | gaming stools

The manufacture of high quality office and casino chairs requires advanced automation. At Karo, we use a computer-controlled automated fabric cutting machine to improve the quality of our products.

Gerber cutter

In our quest for continual improvement, our automated Gerber fabric cutting machine is used to accurately cut fabric and vinyl upholstery material. Manufactured in the USA, this high-tech cutting system is generally acknowledged to be among the best available.

To optimise material usage, the system uses sophisticated software to ‘nest’ the various upholstery panels. Once the nesting is complete, the material is placed on the cutting table. Here a powerful vacuum holds it firmly in place before the high-speed precision cutting wheel cuts the material.

Of particular importance for those customers that upholster their chairs with a striped or patterned fabric, we are able to use the system’s database to accurately record how a specific fabric was cut. This ensures that if you re-order the same chairs at some stage in the future (even years later), the upholstery material can be cut to exactly match the original.

Cutting genuine leather

Every animal hide is a different shape and size and may also contain unsightly blemishes. Because of this, we do not use the Gerber to cut real leather. Instead, the various upholstery panels are manually laid out on each hide to exclude any blemishes, before being press-cut. 5 Factors that influence the price of a gaming stool.

As a standard, the seats on our VIP gaming stools are upholstered in genuine black leather which is not only more luxurious than vinyl, but also more durable. What is the difference between leather and vinyl?

Why precision cutting of upholstery panels is important

By using press-cutting (leather) or the Gerber cutter (fabric & vinyl), the integrity of the sewing and upholstery processes is dramatically improved. By ensuring that the panels for each chair are identically cut, the sewing operation is both easier and defect-free. This has a huge impact on overall quality of our chairs and stools.

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