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Top 3 things that impact the life of your slot gaming stools

Purchasing new casino chairs is a significant investment and choosing the right product upfront can save you a lot of time and money. The last thing any venue needs is to be replacing slot gaming stools every year or two. How long should your casino seating last? A good gaming stool or casino chair should … Continue reading

06/06/2018 Gaming Stools, Industry News

Are you ignoring the hidden cost of new gaming stools?

When purchasing new gaming stools, buyers often only consider the initial capital outlay and neglect to include the longer-term cost of Re-Upholstery. A wise buyer knows that a comprehensive costing analysis must include both the capital cost and the life-time re-upholstery cost of the stools. Questions to ask your supplier Before making a purchasing decision on new gaming stools, buyers should always ask the manufacturer … Continue reading

16/05/2018 Gaming Stools, Industry News

Why chairs and stools differ per industry and application

Think a chair is just a chair? Think again. Chairs differ per industry and application. Your chair or stool can have a major impact on your productivity and physical well-being. Back pain, migraines, and pins and needles. All of these could be signs you’re not sitting on the right chair or stool for the application. Why … Continue reading

05/05/2018 Industry News

The 5 consequences of sitting on a bad chair

We spend long hours on our chairs behind computers. According to statistics released by BigThink.Com, people spend an astonishing 7709 days of their lives sitting! If we consider that eight hours of this is spent at offices hunched over a computer, then it’s clear that it’s vital to have good office chairs. But, what are the consequences of a … Continue reading

17/04/2018 Industry News

New from Karo….the Gemini Range

At the recent AHG Expo in Brisbane, we launched our latest range of VIP Casino Chairs…the Gemini Range. The Gemini features a sophisticated design, high contoured backrest for improved ergonomic support, and a plush high-density moulded foam seat. Quite simply, the Gemini range is an obvious choice for any hi-roller gaming environment where user comfort is the … Continue reading

21/03/2018 Gaming Stools, Product Ranges