Top 3 things that impact the life of your slot gaming stools

11/12/2019 in care for your chair

What impacts the life of slot stools? Purchasing new casino chairs is a significant investment and choosing the right product upfront can save you a lot of time and money. The last thing any venue needs is to be replacing stools every year or two.

How long should your casino seating last?

The life of slot stools should be 7-10 years. To get the most out of your investment, the goal should be to get as close to the 10 year mark as possible.

Three things that impact the lifespan of slot gaming stools:

1) Inferior quality components

The number one culprit shortening the lifespan of your gaming stools is poor quality materials. Cheap materials can cut the life expectancy of casino seating down to as little as 12 months. Chairs that constantly need to be replaced are not only bad for your cash-flow and patrons, but they’re also detrimental to the environment.

To avoid falling into the ‘disposable stool’ trap, make sure you buy your seating from a reputable supplier, preferably one with an internationally certified Quality Management System like ISO 9001:2015. A good manufacturer uses automotive-grade moulded foam to ensure maximum comfort and durability. They also put their fabric through rigorous abrasion (or rub) testing to ensure that the fabric can withstand years of wear and tear. Below is an example of how the Martindale Abrasion Testing works:

Warranty and continuity

Another major benefit of buying your stools from a reputable supplier is that they usually come with a warranty that is longer than 12 months. Yes, just like cars, your chairs need an occasional service to ensure that remain in tip-top condition. All Karo casino seating has a 7-year warranty to give you total peace of mind.

With more than 30 years in the game, Karo guarantees product continuity. Unfortunately not all manufacturers are able to do the same, which means that if you do need to replace a stool or buy a few additional ones, you may have to choose an entirely different product. This can interfere with the general appearance of your gaming area with a scattering of chairs in all shapes, colours and sizes.

2) Product design

The second culprit shortening the lifespan of your slot stools is the design of the product and it’s components. Poor design coupled with inferior research & development leads to increased breakages and ultimately shortens the life expectancy of the chairs. Karo’s highly qualified design engineers utilise sophisticated tools and computer modelling to improve the comfort and durability of our products.

3) Fit for purpose

Selecting stools with the wrong specifications decreases their lifespan.

Let’s use the car analogy again. A Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan is a beautiful, luxury vehicle. However, if you take it off-road on a 4X4 track, it’s going to be in trouble because it wasn’t designed for that purpose. You can’t accurately judge the quality of the car based on its performance in an inappropriate environment.

The same applies to your gaming stools. If, for example, the stools are at the incorrect height or the base is not suitable for the type of floor surface, they will be used inappropriately and will wear out faster than they would in the right environment.

To ensure that you’re buying a chair that’s fit for purpose, contact us and our team of experts are happy to help you find the right stool and setup for your gaming area.

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