3 ways to improve the comfort of casino chairs

01/02/2020 in Health, Ergonomics
back pain from incorrect sitting

Are your patrons complaining about the comfort of your casino chairs? If so, here are 3 factors that will improve their comfort.

1.  Gas height adjustment.

There is little doubt that gaming stools with gas height adjustment improve ergonomic comfort. When a patron sits on the stool they can quickly and simply adjust the chair to suit their own height, the machine console, and their personal preferences. Chairs that are at the incorrect height will cause muscular pain, particularly in the upper back and neck as patrons either ‘stretch’ or ‘droop’ their shoulders to reach the console.


Around 1 in 6 Australians suffer from back problems.

Furthermore, when you initially sit on the chair, the gas lifter ‘cushions’ the impact which can reduce injuries to the lower back and/or coccyx. According to 2014-15 statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, around one in six Australians suffer from back problems. Venue operators need to look after their customer base and prevent unnecessary stress and pain. Stools with gas height adjustment are extremely safe, reliable and easy to operate.

2.  Moulded foam seats for casino chairs.

The seat foam plays a significant role in creating a comfortable stool. Moulded foam has long been recognised by ergonomic experts as being able to deliver the best support and cushioning for any person that sits for an extended period of time. Moulded foam is more resilient, durable, and quite simply, comfortable as it provides optimum support.

3.  Contoured high backrests.

A high contoured backrest is the ‘missing link’ in creating an ergonomically comfortable casino chair. The backrest design is often overlooked, yet it plays a pivotal role in improving player comfort. A well designed backrest offers good lumbar support as well as upper back support. A further enhancement should be the inclusion moulded foam and a ‘flex’ function that allows a degree of flexibility in the backrest. Click here for more information about ergonomics.

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