What are the best Gaming Stools in Australia?

11/06/2021 in News

Each year we are in contact with many clubs, pubs, hotels and casinos that are looking to replace their gaming stools. During our conversations, we are sometimes asked who are some of the other manufacturers of casino chairs represented in Australia. We believe in being blatantly honest and it’s important to us that our customers are as well informed as possible.

There are a number of local distributors of gaming stools manufactured by companies in Asia. However, if you are looking to buy your stools directly from the manufacturer and not a 3rd party, below are two companies with Australian representatives that have a solid history in manufacturing casino chairs.

1.  Gasser

Gasser is a USA company that has been manufacturing casino seating and other products since the mid 1940’s.

2.  Gary Platt

Gary Platt is a company based in the USA that has been manufacturing casino seating since 1996.

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