Gaming Stool availability and COVID-19

16/03/2020 in News

Karo gaming stool ranges and production availability during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the current global economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus, a number of our clients have requested updates regarding the availability of our casino chairs. Please note that our gaming stool ranges are all designed and manufactured in our South African factory located outside […]

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Why chairs and stools differ per industry and application

19/09/2019 in News

Think a chair is just a chair? Think again. Chairs differ per industry and application. Your chair or stool can have a major impact on your productivity and physical well-being. Back pain, migraines, and pins and needles. All of these could be signs you’re not sitting on the right chair or stool for the application. Why […]

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6 key factors to consider when buying new gaming stools

19/08/2019 in News

Buying new gaming stools is often a huge capital expense, so you want to make sure you ‘get it right’!  To assist you with this process, we have identified the 6 key factors that should be considered when buying new pokie stools: Maneuverability. In order to withstand the rigours typically associated with any gaming area, […]

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Engineering the perfect gaming stool: a brief history of Karo

25/05/2019 in News

From the very start, Karo has been dedicated to the pursuit of creating the perfect chair. Founded in 1986 by two South African engineers, the company has designed and developed a myriad of different seats, from kneeling chairs to gaming stools. In a recent interview, Australian Managing Director Mike Karle provided some insight into Karo’s […]

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The new ORION Range from Karo

16/01/2019 in News
orion casino seating | gaming stools | karo

Welcome to 2019 and our new Orion Range of casino seating! The Orion features an ergonomically contoured backrest for improved support and a plush high-density moulded foam seat. Our hi-performance Cotting Esprit vinyl is supplied as standard, however we can upholster the Orion in any commercially available fabric, vinyl or leather. Naturally the Orion comes with […]

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Karo supplies casino chairs to Suncoast Casino

21/09/2018 in News
suncoast casino | karo casino chairs | Apollo range

The newly renovated Salon Privé gaming area at the Suncoast Casino in South Africa has installed VIP casino chairs from our Apollo and Platinum ranges. Take a tour through this splendid facility or click here to visit the Suncoast Casino website! For more information about our casino chairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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New from Karo….the Poseidon Range

29/08/2018 in News

At the recent AGE Expo in Sydney, we launched our latest range of casino seating…the Poseidon Range. This new range features an ergonomic contoured backrest for improved support and a plush high-density moulded foam seat. Naturally an integrated handle and our Quick-Release seat are standard features. The Poseidon is available with a variety of base […]

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