Why chairs and stools differ per industry and application

19/09/2019 in News

Why do chairs differ oer industry?

Think a chair is just a chair? Think again. Chairs differ per industry and application. Your chair or stool can have a major impact on your productivity and physical well-being. Back pain, migraines, and pins and needles. All of these could be signs you’re not sitting on the right chair or stool for the application.

Why do chairs differ per industry and job function?

A chair needs to be chosen according to its application. There is no single chair or stool that suits everyone and every task. In fact, if you look around your venue or office right now, you’ll probably notice staff members and patrons who are using the wrong chair.

Clubs & Casinos

This one may come as a surprise, but clubs, pubs and casinos have very specific chair requirements. Like airports and shopping centres, gaming rooms are heavy-traffic environments that require stools that can withstand thousands of people sitting in them. This means the right gaming stool must be extremely durable and have a warranty that matches the application. All Karo gaming stools have a 7-year warranty. There are, however, several other considerations when choosing a casino chair.

The chair needs to be aesthetically pleasing (often using chrome or brass finishes), to fit in with the club or pub’s décor and create an opulent atmosphere. Stools also need to be hygienic and easy to clean. With so many people coming and going (with drinks, food and perspiration), you don’t want your stools turning into bio-hazards! For this reason, most gaming stools are upholstered in leather or vinyl which is easy to wipe down.

Laboratories and medical facilities

Laboratories and medical facilities (like hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities) all require a sterile environment. This means that you can’t use any old chair because certain fabrics naturally hold on to germs and bacteria.

Chairs for laboratories and medical facilities should be easy to clean, getting rid of these harmful contagions. So, a vinyl or polyurethane covered chair is better suited to this environment.

Office environments

Office workers spend the majority of their day seated at their desks, working on their computers. Sitting on an incorrect or inappropriate chair can wreak havoc on a person’s long term posture and health – costing the company money due to low staff morale , reduced productivity and absenteeism (which ultimately leads to lower staff retention).

To counter this, businesses should invest in correctly configured office chairs for their staff.  A TIWD (Totally Integrated Workstation Design) approach should be applied when designing a workstation. This will ensure that chairs are matched to the workstations they serve. A reputable supplier will conduct a needs analysis according to the TIWD approach, to avoid selling you the wrong chair. This includes looking at where, why and how the chair will be used, and by whom. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that your chair comes with a guarantee. A reputable chair supplier will ensure that you’re able to service or replace your chair if necessary.

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