How to customise your gaming stools with Karo

12/08/2019 in Smart products

Gaming stool customisation. Quality gaming stools affect your patrons in a number of ways. From their comfort while they’re using gaming machines, to the overall presentation of your establishment, it’s important they not only feel good, but suit the theme of the environment they’re placed in.

Because every pub and hotel is different, the gaming stools should be adaptable to suit the environment. At Karo, our diverse product range can be further customised to suit a variety of different needs. Here are some of the features that can be customised on our gaming stools.

Form and function with the base of your choice

The base of a gaming stool is important in two major ways. Obviously, it’s an integral structural component, keeping the stool stable and providing a foot rest for people while they play the machines. That function also has form – it’s possible to choose a range of bases that fit the aesthetics you’re after.

The base affects the structure and the aesthetics of a gaming stool.

These options are divided into three main types: 5-Star bases, Disc Bases and a four-legged option. Each option has a set of standard colours to choose from to help you find the exact stool you have in mind.

Fabric options bring proven variety from accomplished manufacturers

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when picking the right upholstery option for a comfortable gaming stool. While one might be perfect aesthetically, will it fit your budget? Will it stand up to years of use and also be easy to clean? At Karo, the standard fabric and vinyl selections on offer are the perfect balance of being durable and easy to maintain, without breaking the bank. However, if you’d like to move away from the our standard upholstery options, we do source fabric and vinyl from proven names in the industry.

You can have a logo embroidered on the back of gaming stools.

If all of these options still aren’t enough, you can also have your establishment’s logo embroidered on the backrest. Simply send us a high resolution digital image and we’ll do the rest.

Gas height adjustment merges comfort with ease-of-use

Available for either new or existing chairs, gas height adjustment is designed to make stools much more comfortable over a long period of time, while also making it easy for patrons to adjust the height of the stool to suit their personal preference. With the exception of our 4-Legged stools, this is an option that can be retrofitted to existing chairs you’ve purchased from us.

To find out more about what we can do for your next purchase – or your existing stock – get in touch with the team at Karo.

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