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Revive Your Gaming Stools

Is your gaming venue on a tight budget with gaming stools that are:


in need of replacement?

at the incorrect height?

If you answered YES to any of the above, consider our REVIVE Programme and replace only those gaming stool components that need replacing!

Can your old gaming stools be Revived?

The Revival of any old gaming stool depends upon whether the new Karo Seat & Backrest combination can be attached to the old stool undercarriage (Revive* #1), or conversely, whether the new Karo undercarriage can be attached to the old seat & backrest combination (Revive* #2). The defining factor in either case being the fixing-point dimensions of the swivel mechanism to the pokie stool seat. For any stool Revival, the fixing-point dimensions (or footprint) of the swivel mechanism must conform to either one (not both) of the following:

Mechanism #1

The usual gaming stool seat fixing-point dimensions are 156 x 156mm

Mechanism #2

The usual pokie stool seat fixing-point dimensions are 140 x 140mm

If your existing swivel mechanism does not conform to either of the above, then it is likely that the gaming stool may not be suitable for Revival.

If you are unsure whether your old pokie stools can be Revived, please contact us for more information.

* Not all gaming stools are suitable for the Revive programme. Contact us for more information.

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