Why choose Karo gaming stools?

why choose karo casino seating

Gaming stools are a big investment, so why choose Karo for such an important purchase? See how we manufacture our casino seating.

Why choose Karo? The Smart features on our gaming stools reduce your operational costs and improve the profitability of your gaming room.

1.  Value for Money

We design and manufacture all our casino seating in South Africa and sell our products directly to you. We are not a wholesaler of products manufactured by a 3rd party. By eliminating the middle-man, we ensure that you receive the best value for money. We know that we are not the cheapest supplier and our product ranges do not address the price-sensitive market. However, we believe that we can offer you value for money.
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2.  Our experience

We have been manufacturing seating products since 1986. Our gaming stools are in venues located in Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

3.  Our 7-Year Warranty gives you peace of mind

To give you peace of mind, we have a 7-year warranty on all components with the exception of the upholstery fabric and swivel mechanism that carry the respective manufacturers’ warranty. To ensure that we maintain our quality standards, all processes conform to our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

4. Simple height conversion of pedestal gaming stools

Our exclusive taper-lock design allows you to easily convert our pedestal chairs from one height to another at a fraction of the cost of a new stool….even after years of use. This is particularly useful when your machine bases change and your existing stools end up being at the wrong height.

5.  Improved patron safety and reduced risk to your business

If a chair breaks while a patron is sitting on it, the consequences to the individual and your venue can be extremely serious. To improve safety and reduce risk, we use a weld-free design for our pedestal gaming stools. This eliminates the potentially disastrous consequences when chairs with welded joints fail unexpectedly.

6. Cost effective re-upholstery

By using ‘glue-free upholstery’ we reduce your cost of re-upholstering the chairs. Glue-free upholstery allows you to re-upholster the chairs without destroying the underlying foam. Not only does this make re-upholstery cheaper, but it also prolongs the life of your chairs.

7.  Customisation options

We offer many options and finishes to allow you to customise our products to suit your gaming room décor.

8.  Superior comfort for your patrons

We design our gaming stools with ergonomics in mind to ensure that they offer greater comfort to your patrons.

9.  Local office to serve you better

Because we have a local office and distribution centre in Castle Hill, we are able to address your product queries easily and quickly.

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