Videos: Smart Manufacturing and Smart Designs

how we manufacture casino chairs

1. Smart Manufacturing (2:51 min)

The manufacture of quality gaming stools requires a combination of highly trained people and a modern production infrastructure. Skilled individuals are required throughout the organisation, specifically in the areas of design, logistics, production planning, and last but not least, the ‘hands-on’ skills like upholstery and assembly. At Karo we continually upgrade the skills of our people. This ensures that the products that leave our factory, meet YOUR quality, service and delivery requirements.

In this short video, we show you how we manufacture gaming stools at our factory located in South Africa.

2. Smart Designs (3:37 min)

The design of our gaming stools incorporates a number of Smart features that reduce your operational costs and improve the profitability of your gaming room. In the following short video we will show you some of these special features.

3. Automated Fabric Cutting (0:36 min)

The manufacture of high quality office and casino chairs requires advanced automation. At Karo, we use a computer-controlled automated fabric cutting machine to cut all upholstery fabric and vinyl.

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