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Outdoor Gaming Stools

Legislation prohibits smoking indoors which has increased the demand for outdoor gaming areas. The outdoor environment has its own challenges as outdoor stools must also be weather and rust resistant.

We have responded with updated outdoor stool designs that are ideally suited to these gaming areas.

For example our Nylon EZI-GLIDE Disc Base is not only UV protected, but it is also lightweight, scratch resistant and, being nylon, will not damage a timber or tiled floor. By simply adding a vinyl or waterproof fabric, you have the ideal outdoor stool!

Outdoor Stool Ranges

All our stool ranges are suitable for outdoor use. Simply make your selection from the following ranges:


Outdoor Bar Stools

Our stools are the perfect choice as outdoor bar stools. Being stylish, tough and durable, they'll look good and be comfortable for years after most bar stools have passed their "best before" date.

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