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Moulded Foam for Karo Gaming Stools

Gaming stools with proper support can improve player comfort.

One key factor in achieving optimum comfort is to ensure the seat is manufactured from moulded foam, rather than block-cut or 'slab' foam. Widely used within the automotive industry, moulded foam has long been recognised by ergonomic experts as being able to deliver the best support and cushioning for any person that sits for an extended period of time. 

Moulded foam has the following important benefits: 

  • Resilience - Moulded foam maintains it's shape without collapsing over time, thereby prolonging the life of the stool
  • Firmness - Depending on the design of the gaming stool, the firmness of the seat can be varied from extremely soft to very firm
  • Optimum support - Seats can be moulded into a variety of shapes with contours that maximise comfort
  • Durability - Moulded foam is far more durable than block-cut foam and complies with the 7-year warranty we offer on all our gaming stools
  • Less wastage - Because there are no off-cuts during the production process, moulded foam is environmentally friendly.
At Karo we manufacture all our moulded foam in-house using state-of-the-art foam plant technology. This highly controlled process allows us to monitor the shape and density of each and every seat to ensure optimum quality and comfort.


Moulded foam pouring, the curing process, and finally the finished item.

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