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Gaming Stool Swivel Mechanisms

Our unique component-based Knock-Down modular design facilitates the use of two types of swivel mechanisms for your gaming stools.

1. Fixed Height Mechanisms:
A Heavy-Duty Swivel-only or Swivel-Return mechanism on your pokie stool allows either a full 360˚ rotation, or 190˚ rotation with an automatic 'spring-back' feature. The latter option is ideally suited where ease of getting on off the stool, together with neatness on the gaming floor, is a priority.

2. Height Adjustable Mechanisms:
A Gas Height adjustment mechanism on your gaming stool allows 360˚ rotation in addition to height adjustment. Gas lifters for gaming stools are available in various ranges, typically offering between 80 and 140mm of adjustment. 

For more detailed information on gas height adjustment mechanisms, click here.

Gaming Stool Swivel Mechanisms

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