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Our new DUAL DENSITY seat incorporates two levels of firmness – both constructed from durable CFC-free moulded polyurethane foam. These two levels of firmness in the DUAL DENSITY foam provide different deflection characteristics, thereby encouraging an anatomically-correct posture that increases comfortWidely used in the automotive industry, this cutting-edge technology has long been recognised by ergonomic experts as well as occupational health and medical professionals, as being able to deliver superior comfort by providing enhanced support and cushioning.


Player comfort is improved by the firm inner foam that 
consists of two conical discs that are interconnected 
by a cut-away shape to accommodate the coccyx. 
These conical discs gradually slope towards the front 
of the seat to "open" the pelvis to create negative tilt 
that promotes blood circulation to the legs. 
The end result......superior comfort.
 Platinum gaming stool with Dual Density seat foam  

The firmness gradient in the 3-D conical shape of the DUAL DENSITY seat pinpoints load absorption and allows the higher density foam to “push back” against the user's body weight to prevent the foam from “bottoming out” - see heat map below. 

Conventional single density foam does not offer suport where it is specifically needed Conventional single density foam does not offer 
support where it is specifically needed
  Our Dual Density Foam offers support in those areas where it is needed
Our Dual Density Foam offers support in
those areas where it is needed


For conventional foam, the perceived 
comfort level deteriorates during the
course of the day
For Dual Density foam, the perceived 
comfort level is maintained during the 
course of the day

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