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Assembly Information for Karo Gaming Stools

Our unique designs allow our gaming stools to be assembled quickly and on-site. In the case of all disc and 5-star base stools, no tools are required as the sub-assembled components simply clip together in a matter of seconds. The 4-Legged stools take a little longer to assemble, but it remains a simple process. 

a. Assembly of all Disc and 5-Star Base Gaming Stools, including FIXED HEIGHT and GAS HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE stools

Assembly instructions:  Disc and 5-Star base Gaming Stools (pdf 456Kb)

b. Assembly of all 4-Legged VIP Gaming Stools

Assembly instructions:  4-Legged Gaming Stools (pdf 287Kb) 

c. Revive* 1 - Assembly of new seat & backrest onto existing stool undercarriage

Assembly Instructions:  Revive* 1 (pdf 166Kb)

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